10 Reasons Home Sellers pick San Diego House Hunting

10 Reasons Home Sellers pick San Diego House Hunting

Special Report from San Diego House Hunting

The 10 Most Common Reasons Home Sellers Pick Us

Since selecting your agent is such a critical step in the process of successfully selling your home, we decided to put together a list (based on real customer feedback) about why clients are selecting us, over and over again, over the other 20,000 agents in San Diego (that’s right – there are now over 20,000!).

Ask for a list of references… check the track record…are you hiring an agent, a team, or an entire brokerage? With so many possible choices to select from, it’s a wonder how people decide with whom to list their home. There are, of course, many competing priorities – there might even be some limitations based upon loyalties. Nonetheless, we recommend that you select the agent that will powerfully represent your interests and main goal – sell the home with the highest price possible in an escrow that runs smoothly.

We don’t want you to take our word for it. This report is designed to share with you the positive feedback we have received on our methods and selling system. We trust that you will appreciate the many benefits and unique options we provide that most companies can’t or are unwilling to match!

1. Boutique Brokerage – Our clients have expressed their appreciation for the friendly, team-based, family orientation of our brokerage as compared to traditional corporate-style brokerages. We treat our clients with great respect, professionalism, and dignity throughout the entire process. Because we are a boutique brokerage, we can offer many benefits to our agents and clients that larger, corporate-style brokerages cannot provide. Many of these are described in the remainder of this report. We call it “Custom Service” – service tailored to your needs and priorities.

2. Bottom-line Results – Our clients, on average, enjoy a higher percentage selling price to list price – as well as a shorter marketing time. Our results, when compared to the MLS average, show that we achieve approximately 2.7% higher selling price than the average agent. Did you want to hire an “average agent” or “Top Producing Brokerage”? Selling quickly is also critical in this market. On average, we are selling our listings in 39 days – that’s 15 days faster than the current MLS average. Would you like to save half a mortgage payment? What would that be worth? Just working with a brokerage that understands the urgency of your situation makes a huge difference. We achieve this through real teamwork throughout the advertising, negotiating, and escrow processes.

3. “The Brokerage” rather than “The Agent” or “Team” Concept – We’ve all seen the marketing showing a “team” of agents. We know and understand those benefits: more eyes on the prize of selling your home. While this concept is extremely important, it stops one step short: the WHOLE brokerage working together to sell your home. We don’t encourage competitive agents or teams at our brokerage – the entire brokerage works together as a single team.

Have you been to our website? We have over 250 visitors per day. Log on and give it a try! You’ll like the ease-of-use.

4. Our Innovative and Progressive Marketing – Exposing the property is critical to success. We have perfected the art of finding the hidden channels to expose a property to prospective buyers. These hidden channels change frequently and require new and innovative methods to capture a lead. With the proliferation of information on the internet, capturing that lead is critical. We’ve proven we can do it.

5. Our Tenacity and Willingness to Work – No one wants to hire an agent that just sits back and waits for another agent to work on getting the home sold. You see, exposing the property to other agents, neighbors, lenders, is hard work. Many agents are not willing to perform these tasks as part of the marketing plan. In a nutshell, they “want the MLS to do the work”. Well, that’s just not working for you. We’re tenacious – even if we don’t represent the buyer, our results show that the exposure generated allows potential buyers to find the home – in turn, they then contact their own agent in order to move forward comfortably with their own representation.

Use the MLS only after a general marketing plan without the MLS – simple idea that can save you THOUSANDS!

6. Real Ability to Negotiate – Check the statistics. That’s the bottom line. The ability to negotiate extends from the price, to all the various terms that control the final outcome of the transaction. Were you aware that the offering price can be changed later in the escrow? Buyers with a strong buyer’s agent will ferret out all the possible areas in which they can negotiate (including the deposit, release of contingencies, close of escrow, possession, notice to perform, appraisal, inspections, and so many more). When you select an agent from San Diego House Hunting, you get the entire collective bargaining and negotiating power of the brokerage. We use a variety of techniques and escalation procedures to get deals to work. It shows in our 1.5% results above average. Can corporate-style brokerages provide you access to the broker if you feel it is needed?

7. “Private Listings” A unique Advantage – Most agents will recommend that you “put the house on the MLS as soon as possible”. Why? Why is it that agents want to immediately put the house on the MLS and immediately give away half of the commission?! That doesn’t make sense. How about old fashioned hard work and creativity of selling it without the MLS and saving a significant portion of the commission!? Why not evolve the process over time – use the MLS only when needed. That’s what commercial brokerages do when selling commercial property. A boutique brokerage with well trained agents can accomplish this for you.

8. Online Presence and Marketing – It seems like every agent has a website. Every home on the MLS is on every agent’s website. In fact, you may have noticed that the websites are all about the same. Very boring. In fact, most of these websites are invisible! No one can find them using the major search engines (Yahoo!, MSN, Google, etc.)! We use online advertising, search engine optimization, pay-per-click, and a variety of creative online advertising. 80% of home buyers now start their search using the internet. Do you want your home to stand out?

Most agents, we have found, don’t even bother to knock on the neighbor’s door to ask “Who do you know that would like to move into our area?”

9. “Grassroots” Marketing Most Agents Won’t or Don’t Do – Yes – we actually make a variety of outbound phone calls in our effort to find a buyer for your home. First, we call the top 5% of agents in your area to make them aware of and call direct attention to your home. Then, with your permission, we contact neighbors by mail and in-person to make them aware of the availability of the home. We also call a network of lenders who are interested in making a loan to a variety of home buyers represented by other agents.

Just like you, we are not “partial” to whoever sells your home – we even let other brokerages advertise the availability of your home. A quick survey shows that about 50% of listing agents don’t cooperate when we ask them if we can advertise the availability of their listings. No kidding! We call them and ask if we can advertise their listings (free of charge!) in order to attract a buyer – about half say “NO”! Incredible isn’t it? If a company is reputable, you don’t care who advertises your home, do you? You just want it sold to a motivated, qualified buyer at top $$$!

10. Cooperation. Friendly Service. – Thankfully, we have not lost our friendly style and great attitude. Being positive and keeping a great frame of mind is really supportive and refreshing. We’ve received many compliments on how supportive we are to clients changing needs and priorities. You’ll have a great, drama-free, smooth experience when you list (and sell!) with us.

We hope you found this report to be informative and supportive. We have crafted this report based upon real feedback from many satisfied customers. We constantly seek feedback and strive to improve ourselves in order to better provide service to our clients.

We think that assisting you in “making heads or tails” of the many offers that agents will make to you will allow you to make your final decision with comfort and confidence. It costs nothing to discuss with us the criteria you should be using to hire the best agent possible. Maximizing your sales price and having a smooth transaction is simple: begin by giving us a call now. 619-497-1834.

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