City Neighborhood Overview

City Neighborhood Overview

Information about Homes and Living in San Diego

Often we are asked to explain and review the various neighborhoods within San Diego County for our clients. We’re glad to do that. We want everyone to know exactly what our beautiful cities have to offer. San Diego County is very large and there are a variety of municipalities and neighborhoods. Sometimes visitors and even residents of San Diego aren’t aware of the actual city borders and which areas actually fall within each city. Some areas of San Diego are also unincorporated. Below, find a list of both cities and neighborhoods within San Diego County along with commentary and reviews of attractions, things to do, restaurants, and demographics for each of these cities.

As always, we invite you to contact us to get more information, request market statistics, or setup a showing. We believe it is our job to assist you by bringing you to the cutting edge of the market. The first step, is deciding where within San Diego you would love to live!

Urban Areas

San Diego’s urban areas are a mix of old and new. Downtown is thriving with many high-rise condominium developments. The new baseball stadium continues to draw interest and activity to the area — even though it’s not that new any more! In the immediate vicinity of Downtown, you have Banker’s Hill which provides an upscale “older” feel with many Victorian and craftsman homes. Banker’s hill is chic, but has lots of airplane noise since it is low in the flight path to San Diego’s Lindbergh Field Airport. Just east of Downtown you will find yourself in one of San Diego’s oldest residential neighborhoods known as Golden Hill. Golden Hill provides “mixed” living conditions with portions being highly desirable (those nearest to Balboa Park) and some very urban and lower income areas.
Slightly away from Downtown but still very urban would be Hillcrest and North Park. Hillcrest provides a broad array of restaurants and condo living. Just west of Hillcrest, you’ll find the posh and expensive neighborhood of Mission Hills. East of Hillcrest you find the bedroom community of North Park. North Park is replete with many craftsman homes built during the war era (circa 1940). Shop carefully in North Park because the neighborhood could be said to be “block to block” — meaning that some streets are nice and the next adjacent street might not be so nice!To the north of North Park you’ll find a great, creative, comfortable, safe and attractive neighborhood of University Heights. This community has a very close-knit and charming atmosphere with antique stores, specialty shops, small business owners, and lots of attractive homes with Spanish architecture.

Central Coastal

The Central Coastal communities in San Diego are perhaps among the most desirable and most highly priced neighborhoods in San Diego. Pacific Beach is located just south of La Jolla and is an old and well established beach and surf community. Young and old alike congregate here. Just south of Pacific Beach is Mission Beach — a hotspot for vacationers and income property. Immediately to the east lies Bay Park: a mature community with a variety of mid-century modern homes often with desirable ocean views. Moving north along the beach from Pacific Beach you pass into La Jolla. The first area you will encounter is known as Bird Rock and just slightly further on you are whisked into the super “high-rent” district of the village of La Jolla, “The Jewel” (in Spanish) of San Diego.


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