COVID Compliance – Buying and Selling a Home in San Diego using COVID-19 Compliant Methods

COVID Compliance – Buying and Selling a Home in San Diego using COVID-19 Compliant Methods

When buying or selling, we observe all published guidelines including providing our clients the PPE required to comply.

We use virtual tours and video, along with eSigning and Zoom Meetings to accomplish our goals, improve ease of processing, and to provide a COVID compliant service for our Buyer, Sellers, Vendors and Guests to our Listings alike.

For Buyers:

  • Maximize the use of online tools like 3D Tours, Google Earth and Google Maps, along with Listing Agent provided extra content (if we inquire, they usually have MORE!!)
  • Teleconsultations to get us started if you don’t live in San Diego or your circumstances dictate that a Zoom meeting is better for you.
  • End-to-end collaboration and ease of operation with our preferred Lenders. Use our proven people who know our methods!
  • eSign all your materials related to making offers and escrow. To make a closing or to complete a mortgage, you may need a Notary. If you need a Notary to come to you, we provide that. We also have sourced Notaries that have already recovered from COVID and are highly unlikely to communicate the virus to anyone.
  • Our VIP Buyers can request that we go to their favorite homes and video shoot them or even do a “Go Live!” or other video stream so that you can appreciate the property.
  • We provide 100% Compliant COVID Vendors. Our Vendors share our philosophy around safety.

For Sellers:

We offer the following services to our Seller Clients to assist with compliance and to reduce risk:

  • Touchless Listing of your Home using online tools for video
  • Proper cleaning before first showing and during the entire listing period
  • Provide PPE Supplies at the entrance: booties, gloves, masks, hand sanitizer.
  • Online Showing Appointment System. We make Buyers take turns and we customize the system to only allow showings according to a preset schedule.

Our methods are flexible and we tailor them to your individual situation and needs. We are understanding and easy to work with. Tell us your needs and goals and we will help you to find a path!

Call us TODAY! (619) 497-1834

We can do this, if we all stick together! Good luck, and Happy House Hunting!

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