No Risk

No Risk

“The No RISK” Listing from San Diego House Hunting

This system allows you to continue to market your home as a “For Sale By Owner” while still enjoying the service and support of a Full Service Broker.  Because we are a boutique brokerage, we can offer services that corporate-style brokerages can’t (or won’t!) offer you.

After you have marketed your property for a period of time, you may be ready to consider interviewing agents for the job of selling your home via the MLS.  Even while interviewing agents, you may want to continue for an additional period of time to market the home yourself before engaging an agent.

What if, during the ENTIRE listing period with your agent, you could STILL SELL THE HOME YOURSELF and pay no commission?

“The No Risk” Listing from San Diego House Hunting can work for you!

While your home is listed with us, you pay no commission.  If you find the buyer, you pay no commission!  Meanwhile, we will be working to find you a buyer!

The best of both worlds.

  • Find the Buyer Yourself pay ZERO! NADA! ZIP! NOTHING! Not a dime out of your pocket!
  • You find the Buyer, you hire us to handle the Contract and Sale and pay 2%. Easy. Safe. Secure.
  • We Market the Home, and find the Buyer directly, pay only 4.5%
  • We Market the Home and Another Agent Brings a Buyer, Pay 6%

Already have interested Buyers?  Just make a list.  If any of them buys your home, you pay ZERO!

What we require:

  • You allow us to place a sign in your yard and a lockbox on your door.
  • You allow us to advertise the property via print and Internet (Over 140 people per day on our website!)
  • Since you should not pay a commission if you find your own buyer, protect yourself by simply identifying for us your list of current potential buyers.

Best of all:

There’s no obligation.  If you don’t like our service, simply notify us at our office that the listing should be cancelled.  We will cancel the listing within 48 hours.

For More Information call 619-497-1834 or

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