Information about Homes and Living in Oceanside.
What’s it like to live in Oceanside?

With over 6 miles of dazzling ocean frontage, Oceanside is a community of over 170,000 people. Oceanside is located approximately 35 miles north of San Diego and 80 miles south of Los Angeles. The beaches here are spectacular. You will find various types of cliffs with steep faces that sometimes limit the use of the beach but allow for a gorgeous atmosphere. Oceanside’s economy consists of a mix of military, agriculture and tourism. Camp Pendleton is immediately to the North of Oceanside, which is why there is generally a lot of military housing. Near the coastline of you will find a large amount of retirement condos. There is also a great deal of new development sites here consisting mostly of single family homes.

Oceanside residents and visitors join together each week for the popular farmers market and vibrant outdoor bazaar. Here you will enjoy food, drinks, entertainment, and a variety of goods sold by numerous people around Southern California.

The longest wooden pier in the United States is located in Oceanside. The Oceanside pier was first built in 1888 and is 1954 feet long. It’s easy to view the pier and then make a quick trip over to the Art Museum. The Oceanside Museum of Art is on Pier View Way.

The Oceanside Museum of Fine Art features traveling exhibits, art shows, and other shows produces my locales. The museum concentrates on local and regional artists. Exhibitions provided by major art museums are sometimes found here for a limited time. Art education and classes are also offered here for children and adults.

Bell Gardens is owned by Glen W. Bell, Jr who is the founder of Taco Bell. At his public 15-acre produce farm visitors appreciate calm walking trails, cultivated fields, and numerous picnic spots. Fresh produce is sold here and rides, such as the tractor-pulley wagon and quarter-scale train, are enjoyed here. Bell Gardens is easy to find just outside of Oceanside.

Right off Highway 78 and the I-5 you will find Hana Japanese Restaurant. Enjoy one of many of their dishes including chicken teriyaki, snow crab leg, salmon steak, and vegetable tempura. They are well known for their “all-you-can-eat sushi bar” where the chefs make the sushi before your very eyes. Hana Japanese Restaurant knows how to take care of their customers which is why they have a 120″ big screen TV’s for customers who are waiting and the ability to serve over 150 people at a time.

The neighborhood of Oceanside includes the zipcode(s) 92054,92056,92057 .

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