San Diego Reality or Realty??

San Diego Reality or Realty??

The Reality about San Diego Realty

As you know Realty is the practice of real estate. Reality is, however a common misspelling.

Buying San Diego Reality

For expert professional service and assistance to find, negotiate, and buy San Diego real estate, you’ve come to the right place. With 10 full-time professionals, San Diego House Hunting has the experience and active agents buyers are looking for. Wouldn’t it be great to work with an agent, and a brokerage, that can introduce to you homes that are NOT on the MLS? Our Private Listing system may open up new options and opportunities that are not available to buyers because they are working with agents who only use the MLS to identify available homes.

At our brokerage, we have some homes that have chosen to NOT be on the MLS. Other homes are shared directly with us via our relationships with other brokers. Some of the homes we have available for sale are in the middle of refinancing. If a home is being refinanced by the seller, the lender will not allow the home to also be marketed as “For Sale” via the local MLS (Sandicor). Therefore, we use our Private Listing system under those circumstances.

As we make efforts to assist homes that are For Sale By Owner, they often provide us permission to advertise their home. In that case, they still offer to pay us a commission (Buyers are not asked to pay a real estate commission). We can advertise their home for sale, bring potential buyers, and help to close a transactions. As a buyer, that increases the number of available homes that you can evaluate. Sometimes, because these homes are only paying “half” the commission they might normally be required to pay, you, as the buyer, may be able to secure preferrable terms. You’ll compete with fewer other potential buyers. You may be able to make other aspects of the transaction negotiable — such as closing costs, timeframe for the escrow, various service providers, and perhaps the equipment or appliances that might be included.

Selling San Diego Reality

The decision to sell your San Diego Home is taken under a variety of circumstances. Sometimes sellers are moving to a larger home. Sometimes it’s time to downsize to a home that is more manageable in size. We assist sellers in all variety of circumstances. We tailor our marketing plan to their particular needs. Foreclosure, or other financial difficulties such as bankruptcy, may also be occassions when a home needs to be sold. Our goal is to provide excellent professional service, respecting each sellers needs, preferences and circumstances. We offer a variety of methods for listing your home. Depending on the circumstances, we will develop a solution to meet the challenges of your individual situation.

Explore our website, the tools and information available, and let us know how you believe we can assist you.

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